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best neighborhood band (deluxe)

by bobby blunders

best neighborhood band was recorded in various studios, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms in Long Beach, California between June of 2011 and March of 2013.  It was mixed and engineered by J.P. Bendzinski with additional engineering from Jeff Lewis, Miguel Vasquez, Michael J. Salter, and Jesse Carzello.  All songs written by Jesse Carzello.  Produced by Jesse Carzello.  Artwork by Jeff Stratford.  Cover design by Michael J. Salter.

best neighborhood band personnel: 


Jesse Carzello, Pastor AJ Freeman, Tiffany Davy, Michael J. Salter, Chris Clawson, RyanReiff, J.P. Bendzinski, Miguel Vasquez, Darian Momanaee, Lili De La Mora, Robert Lopez, Brandon Eugene Owens, Ikey Owens, Tatiana Velasquez, Jeremy Davy, Mendee Ichikawa, Dennis Owens, Alfred Hernandez,  Amanaka Yancey, Dennis Robicheau, Travis Laws, Rudy De Anda, George Glikman, Chris Walker, Chris McKinnon, Ruben Villalobos, Aeron Archambault,  Mattise Ibarra, Mark Yamada, Laena Myers-Ionita  


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