bobby blunders

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Bobby Blunders is a myth: a myth masquerading as an arts and entertainment ensemble.  The myth eludes elucidation but can be seen approximately as a dualistic patron saint of longing, and conversely, of ecstasy.  

The word of Bobby Blunders was initially received and set to music by Jesse Carzello, a mainstay of the Long Beach underground music scene, in 2006.  The music is similar to the town from which it has sprung in that though it is often misconstrued as provincial, is international in scope.  The work simultaneously showcases a deep ‘roots’ feeling and an unabashedly modern sensibility with regard to sonics and thematic concerns.   

For the last decade an oft-evolving ensemble, attempting to perfectly absorb and reflect the whims of the myth, have continued to produce new iterations of Bobby Blunders.  The current version features Michael J Salter and Pastor ‘AJ’ Freeman.  The through line between these widely varied expressions of Bobby Blunders is the rhythm-centric, expansive, and ecstatic sound; as well as devotion to the myth. 

It is his both Bobby’s deepest desire and most earnest goal, to take the listener all the way up, or at least a little bit higher.  He’s aiming for transcendence but will begrudgingly settle for elation.  Stand by to keep up with the unfolding mystery of Bobby Blunders.   



Photographer: Nick Edwards